Basic InformationEdit

Class: Weapon (Musket)

Gender: Female

Age: 16

Partner: None


Soul: Slightly smaller than average, a deep blue with a small curved tail. Soul type is Accepting. Abilities: 1st level resonance results in the barrel becoming slightly more ornate, with a slight increase in rate of fire and accuracy. Very good at wriggling out of situations, whether socially or in combat.

Bio: Scarlet is a fairly slight girl, who craves being social. Despite this, she has immense trouble with opening conversations with people, and left to her own devices will likely linger at the sidelines of a group, waiting for someone to introduce her and spark up chat. She is warm and friendly once she opens up, but until then she can come across as awkward and nervous. Always trying to support her friends the few she has, she will take on a lot of others burdens if it will help them, often to her own detriment.