Name: Nex Doberman

Class: Witch (Dog)

Schools of Magic: Primary- Summoning


Gender: Male

Age: 14

Height: 5' 4"

Weight: 114 lbs.

Hair: Dark brown and Light brown

Eyes: Really pale brown; almost appear white

Lone Meister

        Soul Count: 32

Afflitation: Freshmen of DWMA

Soul: Purple with two straps that represent spike-like collars. The collars rotate around.

Madness Points: 71

Fightin songThe XX- intro

'I'm Not Too Stable' Song: Discord

Mission Song: This is the Best  

Strength 55
Endurance 46
Agility 48
Willpower 64
Intelligence 53
Perception 36
Charisma 36
Wavelength 36
Magic 47

Summoning 1'
Destruction 2'
Acrobatics +5 AG
Unarmed Combat +35 STR
Melee +3 STR
Range +4 AG
Infiltrate AG
Dodge +15 AG
Fortitude EN
Lift STR
Intimidate EN


~Soul Protect

~Shadow Magic- He mostly uses it for his scare tactics in his mischievousness. He's not powerful enough to actually use it to inflict harm to others.

~Shadow Manipulation- Can use other persons' shadows and bend them to his will to constrict the owner of that shadow.

~Flying- He's a clumsy flyer so he sticks towards being near the ground. He uses one of his collars that expands and spins underneath him to make him fly.

~Enhanced Senses- He naturally has great hear and smell : very dog-like.

  • He has a hard time seeing at night.



(WILL FINISH BIO LATER!) Nex is a witch created for the soul purpose of being used as a soul for the Societas Draconistarum's eperiment for creating a Kishin Demon weapon, After  being resuced he returned to the DWMA as a lone meister.


He is a happy go lucky kind of guy who will easily consider everyone as a friend at first meeting. He his bouncey and tends to ask a lot of random and strange questions about anything and everything. 


His hair is two shades of brown with a long side bang covering the left side of his face. His eyes are a really pale brown that they almost appear white in color. He wears purple spiked collars: One around his neck, and both his wrists.A oversized, striped white and grey shirt with jeans. He doesn't have shoes, he walks around barefoot; mainly because he doesn't like them.He does wear socks on occasion.

Witch Form:

His hair is pretty much the same color, but his hair becoms more frazzled. His eyes are more transparent,gving the appearance of white. His teeth are slightly sharper but barely noticeable if you're not looking hard enough. Two faded, dark circles sit right under his collar bone and slightly sharp nails.