The Demon book is a set of hand written book by Aodhnait. It is an informational booklet with detail drawings and information about several demons that the small group of DWMA students who had made a contract with "E" (Ezekiel) have been assigned and have killed. This book is only given to students and people who have made contact with E and made a contract with him. Every time someone comes into contact with a new demon Aodhnait will gather all books and add the new demon and its information  onto another page to each book before giving them back out. Players who are a part of this group can view the  demons information that is available to them in game.  This is part two of that book. 

Lacesser Demon Edit

  • Seems to enjoy music 
  • Draegloth In Color by reizezdewickid
    Is entirely invincible untill the contest is completed. 
  • It would be best to assume that it will take whatever instrument the person is best at and ask for a bet. During this time it will not attack ( this is to be assumed but also do take caution.) Since it offered a set of golden mallets we can assume aslo if another person plays a diffrent instrument it will offer a golden set of that said instrument. During the contest it seems to like to have the opionion of a legitmate third party of humans. As far as we can tell they are not in any danger just bystanders used to judge who is better at playing the given instrument. 
  • Rules are simple. Each takes a turn to play and is judged. At the end if you lose you will be attacked at once if you win it is assumeed that you will gain teh golden instrument without being attacked but this is unknown. 
  • The demon is quick and looks like it can deal a lot of damnge quickly. 
  • As a side note, when it showed itself the air felt cold and it voice was icy.