The Demon book is a set of hand written book by Aodhnait. It is an informational booklet with detail drawings and information about several demons that the small group of DWMA students who had made a contract with "E" (Ezekiel) have been assigned and have killed. This book is only given to students and people who have made contact with E and made a contract with him. Every time someone comes into contact with a new demon Aodhnait will gather all books and add the new demon and its information  onto another page to each book before giving them back out. Players who are a part of this group can view the  demons information that is available to them in game. 

Babau Edit

Babau Demon
* E
xtremely fast 

Spit is acid, try to avoid. 

* Blood is also acid, cut with care. 

* Hunts in packs? 

Can make spheres of pure darkness, if trapped inside of them just walk in a straight line you will be able to walk out of them. They can not see as well, but can hear inside the sphere.

Lictor Edit

* Can move as long as you don't look at it, however, if you look at it you yourself can not move and neither can it.(Side note:After some more thought this could have been the room itself not the Lictor. This is a theory only.) 

* Can take on different forms and can sound like the forms it takes.

  • Not much else is known. 

Balor Edit

* Is very strong, best use speed for this one.


* Has a fire whip for long distance  attacks. 

* When it dies, it explodes, so best to give range when it is killed. 

* The larger size does make it slower then others. 

Banshee Edit

* Screams can cause madness 


* Can make a   that will have its own gravitational pull, do not attack the sphere your attacks will just pass through it. 

* It is a bit of a slower moving demon, however, if you let it get too close it can do a great deal of harm. Quick attacks and fall backs should be used. 

* It can teleport  ever once in a while. If you can time it right  you might be able kill it. 

Incubus(Male)/ Succubus(Female) Edit

* While not much is known about this one, it can take on the human form of the person who soul has fallen too deep into madness. Normally with horns and/or a tail. 

* Will suck the life out of its victim with a kiss.

*There is not a set description picture  of this demon, as it is to be assumed that each one looks different from the last.  Although only the male version of this demon has been encountered, please assume that the female counterpart has the same abilities but also do not rely on this information solely.